Monday, August 15, 2011

Kitty Update

Thank so much to everyone who reached out to me after reading the previous blog about emotions and Husky (my cat) and the doubting we all do as Mothers-to-be about our future ability to be good mothers. I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for your kindness and love and support from afar. Thank you.

I know this is not a cat blog, but I just wanted to share this update, which I also posted today on my Facebook page:

Husky's condition has stabilized. This is me visiting him in the hospital. I'm going in every day. He's on a table and he had just crawled over and curled up into my shoulder... and so this is me all teary and grateful. They say they'll know how he'll fare in about two weeks. His official diagnosis is "Fatty Liver" or "Hepatic Lipidosis." We're hoping that love mixed with treatment will speed his recovery.

I think this picture proves that I'm already a good Mom...  But, more than anything, I know it to be true. Proof or not, it's what we know in our hearts that constitutes our truth.

THANK YOU ALL, once again, for sending so much love and support!!

I'll write more soon

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  1. Hi,
    My cat has survived hepatic lipidosis 2 times - at age 7 and age 10. At times, I felt hopeless that she would not make it, but she pulled through with her internal strength, lots of love, and diligent (force) feedings. I am glad that your cat is under great care (his family and his vet) and that he is feeling a bit better. From my experience, small steps towards stabilized health really do show that things are shifting towards recovery. Sending you and Husky lots of good thoughts.
    Jackie Yurko